Arcade Rules

The ability to use this room is a privilege. Arcade Natchitoches reserves the right to suspend that privilege to anyone at any time for any reason.

Once we reach room capacity (40 people) no one else can come in. Everyone needs their space.

You will not be allowed to drop off your children and leave. Arcade Natchitoches is not a daycare facility. If children are left unattended, we will be forced to reach out to the Natchitoches Police Department to report child abandonment.

No one under the age of 18 will be permitted without a parent or legal guardian must be 21 or older. We will require an ID at check-in.

All who come and play will RESPECT the staff, each other, and themselves. The arcade is monitored by video surveillance. Arcade Natchitoches will not be responsible for items brought into the building.

Any action or behavior that is disruptive, disturbing, or potentially harmful to others, including but not limited to harassment, foul language, fighting, or provoking violence, will result in immediate expulsion.

No misuse of the equipment. Do not hit, kick, shake, spit, sit, or climb on the machines.

No outside food or drinks will be allowed in. Please keep all food and drinks in the proper areas. Food or drinks in the batting cage, bowling alleys, or the games will not be permitted.

Staff will be able to help if not engaged in sports registration and /or other Arcade Natchitoches duties.

No running in the arcade area.

Inappropriate behavior or horseplay will not be tolerated. Guests wearing a VR headset cannot see the outside world. Someone could get injured, or equipment could get damaged.

NO drugs or alcohol permitted. Arcade Natchitoches is a family-friendly environment. There is NO admittance if you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol or reek of marijuana.

No smoking.

No refunds.



DO NOT throw balls overhanded at the alley floor or underhanded in the air. Do not roll off or throw balls on the tile floor. Do not stand or walk on the bowling lanes. If you disregard the rules, you will be asked to leave.



No more than one person in the cages at a time. No climbing, pulling, or swinging on the nets.



All participants must read and agree to the ARCADE NATCHITOCHES rules and guidelines before being allowed to enter.

If there is any problem with equipment, the arcade attendant should be notified.

Please pick up after yourselves.



If any of the equipment is damaged or not working properly, notify the arcade attendant promptly to ensure that you do not incur any fines.

Intentional damage or theft of any equipment will result in a call to the Natchitoches Police Department and fines that will equal the cost of replacement.

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